Can’t get no sleep: welcome to the blog

Sleep regression survival skills

There will barely be a parent on the planet who hasn’t experienced some form of “sleep regression” in their baby.  The one

Does a sleep consultant teach you anything you don’t already know?

I had an interesting conversation recently with a group of parents who were talking about the “point” of working with a sleep consultant.

A cr(y)tical review of the main cry-it-out studies

This is one for the sleep geeks out there.  I have posted elsewhere about my approach to sleep coaching, why I use the methods I use, and why I do

Sleep tips to see you through the festive season

With the big day just over a fortnight away, I’ve been receiving lots of questions from parents about how best to manage their little

Future proofing your approach to sleep

A common question I am asked is how to reduce a little one’s dependence on feeding to sleep for every nap, bedtime and overnight wake-up. In

Sleep hygiene tips for the whole family

If you are looking for a few quick wins on the way to better sleep for your family, a review of everyone’s sleep hygiene could help you on your

Do you feel judged for hiring a sleep consultant?

“I couldn’t do that to my baby” Sleep is often a favourite topic of conversation for new mums, so it wasn’t long before our

Sleeping like a baby: what is normal?

Anecdotal evidence Lots of parents will find friends and family a source of anecdotal evidence about how other people’s babies slept through

Choosing the right sleep consultant for you

If the title of this blog post has caught your eye, the chances are you are experiencing some kind of sleep challenge within your family. You might