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Will my child sleep through the night at the end of this?

This is so often the million dollar question for parents who are desperate for more sleep.  Nevertheless, it would be wrong of me to offer a blanket guarantee that your child will “sleep through the night” after we work together.  This is because so much depends on your child’s age and developmental stage.  My focus is on helping your child achieve the best sleep for their current stage, whilst still respecting that their needs don’t necessarily disappear just because it is nighttime.

If your child is developmentally ready to sleep through the night, they may well do so once their sleep is optimised during our work together.  This is because we will be working to ensure all conditions are right for them to sleep soundly and for appropriate stretches.

How can I maximise my family’s chances of success?

Consistency and communication are both key to making the most of our time together.  Before hiring a sleep consultant, it is important to be sure that everyone involved in your child’s care is on board and willing to work consistently together.  I can’t emphasise this enough: if different care givers tackle sleep differently the result can be confusing for the child and may lead to a lack of progress.

It is also important to make the most of any follow up support included in your chosen sleep package.  I will be making an effort to keep in touch with you, and I also encourage you to keep communicating with me.  That way, we can make the most of our time together by continuing to tailor the plan to suit your little one’s individual needs.

Will there be crying?

Our work together will involve making some changes to optimise your child’s sleep.  Sometimes a small, easily implemented tweak can yield great results and your child will take it in their stride with no crying.  Other times, more extensive changes might be necessary and yes, this may lead to tears as your child gets used to the new routine.  I will speak frankly to you during the consultation about the likelihood of crying as we chat through potential strategies, and you may wish to take this into account when choosing your preferred approach.

It is also important to remember I will never ask you to withhold a response to your child, to delay your response or to leave them to cry alone.  And if your child really does seem to be struggling with a particular strategy, we can always adapt the plan as we go along.

Read more about my approach to crying here.

I’m interested in a standard, premium or premium plus support package. Can you explain a bit more about what is included?

With any of the standard, premium or premium plus support packages I will send you a sleep questionnaire to complete prior to our consultation.  As part of the questionnaire I will ask you to include at least three days’ of recent sleep information for your child.  This will help me pinpoint areas to focus on in our consultation.

Following receipt of your completed questionnaire, we will schedule our video consultation,.  Please allow up to 1 hour for the consultation for a standard package, and up to 1.5 hours for a premium or premium plus consultation.  Consultations will generally be available during weekday evenings and weekend daytimes, although do let me know if you would like another time slot and I will do my best to accommodate this.

During the consultation we will talk through any areas I have identified where I consider sleep could be optimised.  I will also give you a choice of strategies to adopt and you can feed back to me on which you think will be most suitable for your family.

Following the consultation I will provide a tailored sleep plan incorporating your preferred strategy/ies.  You will choose a day to implement the sleep plan and your chosen support package will start running from that day.

What is your fair usage policy for follow up support?

It is important for you to be in contact me as often as you need for the duration of your support package.  For this reason, and because each family is different, I purposefully don’t cap or define the level of support provided, but I do apply a fair usage policy in order to manage my time.  This means:

  • I will answer emails within 24 hours of receipt, and sooner wherever possible;
  • where your support package includes telephone support, calls will be scheduled in advance to take place during weekday evenings, or during the day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Do you offer in-person consultations?

It may be possible to arrange an in-person consultation in the Bristol area.  Please contact me to find out more.

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