I am passionate about gentle, responsive sleep support;an advocate for judgement-free parenting;a mother who has been there

My name is Jessica, I am a mother-of-one from Bristol, England, and a qualified Holistic Sleep Coach.

I was inspired to train as a Holistic Sleep Coach having faced significant challenges with my own baby’s sleep. I spent many middle-of-the-night hours desperately researching sleep in search of the solution that would give us more than 45 minutes’ rest at a time.  I found a huge amount of information online, but it was overwhelming and often contradictory.  In addition, I wanted to ensure any changes we made would be gentle, responsive, and sensitive to our daughter’s needs.  In the end, we decided to hire a sleep consultant to work with us, to help us slice through the information out there and come up with an approach that worked for us all.

Hiring a sleep consultant was one of the best things we ever did, both personally, as our family’s sleep situation improved, and professionally, as I became fascinated by sleep and inspired to train as a sleep consultant myself.

Professional training

Sleep consultancy is an unregulated profession, so anyone can market themselves as a sleep expert and go into business.  In addition, there are a number of sleep consulting qualifications on the market.  I wanted to obtain a high quality, comprehensive qualification that would enable me to offer practical and effective sleep solutions for families whilst respecting their parenting values. 

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is a degree level qualification (OCN level 5) which teaches a range of comprehensive, evidence-based training methods, focusing on gentle, responsive and attachment focused sleep coaching.  

My professional background is in law; I am a qualified solicitor specialising in the education sector.


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